Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Temporary Registration

KNITTING NEWS! I finished the Seaside Cardigan! (Pattern found on Ravelry.) Still need to block it, but otherwise, it will be wearable this weekend at our Friendship Spinners retreat at Shakertown in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. I have been doing little else but trying to finish this for the last few days. Am I that slow of a knitter? I know that I am a deliberate knitter, as I am not a knitting machine, and because of this, I have no problems with my hands or wrists when I knit a lot. Touch wood. So far anyway. I modified the sleeves, and made them straight instead of bell shaped. I think blocking will do it a world of good. You can't really see it, but the front bands were finished using a 2-stitch I-cord, and it's one bind-off I will absolutely use again. 

The color is more true in the first photo. I wonder now if green is a good color for me, but I will liven it up with some magenta and purple knit flowers. Those are more my colors. I'll wear my usual black underneath. I can always dye it a darker color. Nah, this has a nice, subtle tweedy look as it is.

So, Sweetie is gone to the new job. I miss him. He says things are going pretty well, though, and he has a line on a rental house for him to live in instead of the motel, until our house is ready. We are in suspense about everything as nothing concrete is known about anything. (How's that for a sentence?) 

In the meantime, workmen have been here for the past three days, putting in a new subfloor in the laundry area and bathroom, replacing some outside wooden siding and clapboards, and a few other niggling little matters. The practically new toilet I got for free on craigslist last fall has finally been installed! It's a shame that we didn't have this work done before we knew we were moving. So it goes. This relatively small investment has assuredly made our house easier to sell. 

I haven't sewn on kites in three weeks, and I hope that I can tomorrow, now that my plate is less full. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful new picture; you and I could have been twins at that age! Some would say we still are...
The cardi is awesome & I look forward to seeing it in person TONIGHT!!! I can't wait!
Nancy NeverSwept

Anonymous said...

Good to catch up after not reading since the moving announcement. Am knitting m'self, exotic pattern w/self-striping Noro. Making it for a friend since I didn't want it, only wanted to knit it. Nuts? Not really. She paid for the yarn. Good luck w/all the decisions to make before the move.
the dragon

Helena Handbag said...

Smooches to you SP and the cardigan is beautimus. I know it will be lovely on you.
I too am a deliberate knitter. I've always called myself a slow knitter but deliberate is by far more apt. I too am knitting in cardigan land -- I am very deliberately knitting a cardigan vest for the Dad at the moment. Thirty more rows and I'll be blocking on Thursday.

Knitting Linguist said...

The sweater is lovely! That looks like something that will get a LOT of use - and I really like the color. I know what you mean about getting jobs done around the house only as it comes time to sell; we've done that before, and in spite of our promises to ourselves, we're bound to do it again :)


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