Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Extra Buttons.

(Written yesterday and promptly forgotten.)

The closing on the house looks to be next week, as I found out yesterday. Fully two weeks before expected. I spent the day dithering at full speed, playing several online Scrabble-type games because what else could I do? I mean, really. 

Last night, watched Peter Walsh's show about hoarding on OWN, two full episodes, and today? I have acted! (I am not a hoarder, but I do tend to collect stuff. And the stuff just seems to pile up before I realize it.)

Today, I went through a trash bag full of my very own hand spun, and kept a little bit and put the rest into the Give Away pile. I went through my meager hanging wardrobe, and halved it. I went through my dresser drawers, and halved that. I even threw away some things! That was a step, let me tell ya. I tend to wear things until they fall to pieces, so for me to actually Throw Things Away was a big step. That meant that those things were too awful for me to wear, and too shameful to give to anyone else.

I boxed up all of Kite Man's stuff to give back, as I have realized that the long distance thing just won't work. I mean, really, the not-so-long distance thing was barely working. His work space is either broiling hot or freezing cold, and I seldom got all of the correct pieces at once in order to sew the damn things. I had so hoped that this gig would work out, but I am too old to fool with bullshit. Sigh. I like Kite Man a lot, which makes it even more sad and difficult to quit him. 


Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds like you're getting rid of a lot of things that aren't working for you right now. It's hard, but I bet you're feeling a ton lighter right now :)

Mouse said...

Wow.. congratulations! I am TERRIBLE at getting rid of stuff - I should look up that show and see if I can find it online somewhere.