Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh me, Oh my, I love that country pie.

Another Sunday alone. Sweetie left yesterday, as usual, to go back to Missouri. You know, honestly? It's not such a bad arrangement, as we really do make the best of the time we have together. 

The closing has been moved up two weeks, and looks to happen this Friday, the 4th! Again, barring some catastrophe in the paperwork. We have the money to close, the loan has been approved, the affair of the leaking roof around the bathroom vent has been addressed, and we have insurance lined up.

The plan is for Sweetie to come home Wednesday, as usual, and we will go back either Thursday or Friday, depending on the time of closing. Probably taking the car, and the van which will be filled with the necessities of life.

Also? Turns out that our insurance agent is also the mayor.

On the critter front, Henny Penny is now residing at my friends house. I miss my chickens! I asked the mayor of Montgomery City about having chickens, and he said that an ordinance had been passed a few years ago banning farm animals in town. I asked, what if I kept my hens on a leash, would they qualify as pets? He laughed. He said it was a concern about the noise, and I said that there were train tracks two freaking blocks away, so what about the noise? More laughter. Sigh. I know when the town meetings are, and plan to attend, see what I can do. Sweetie, though, has asked that if I write a letter to the editor, to let him sign it. He doesn't want me to get harassed and stalked like here in Lovely LAconia. They don't much like uppity women here. Or smart ones, either. Not so sure about there yet.

I have an injured bunny inside, though. It's Rex, the mini-rex that was given me last summer. Seems he was not good enough to show and yadda yadda yadda; you know the sad and sorry tale. He escaped from the corral within a couple of days, and had made himself at home around the yard. But Thursday, apparently a car bonked him pretty good. I found him on the side of the road, bleeding from the mouth and eyes. I know, not good at all. He has lived, though! I am thinking his face took the blow, as all of his internal systems seem to be working. He breathes as though he has a bad cold. His teeth are intact. Today, I gave him molasses on a q-tip, and water the same way, and he appeared to swallow. I know he can go for awhile without food, but he needs water. Bless his little heart.

Welcome to Fuzzarelly's ICU.

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Mouse said...

My husband is working out of town and is gone from Monday to Thursday then home Friday-Sunday.. it actually isn't that bad once you get used to it. Thankfully I have my Munchkin to keep me company, I don't much like to be alone.