Sunday, April 03, 2011

For best flavor, use immediately

Seems like I have little to say these days. With the new medz, I am not very angry or too motivated to rant. I'm feeling good; today is warm and sunny and I have the door open in the office. Will need a screen door soon, but for now, there are no bugs to speak of. Reece's and Princess are enjoying themselves, too.

This is some plant coming up in the back yard. I think it is a hosta, but I don't know. There are three bunches of these. The stands of daffs didn't bloom, but the naturalized grape hyacinth surprised me with their tiny blooms.

Sweetie and I got two of our vehicles registered this past week; inspected, title transferred, and tags. Plus a trip to the courthouse to get an account in order to pay taxes on everything. None of it was onerous, which is the joy of small town living. (Just like grocery shopping and it only taking a half hour, there and back, instead of the hour and a half it used to take me in Indiana.)

Every person we had to deal with has been friendly and nice, and sometimes quite hilarious. Also? Save for the auto inspector, they were young and pretty and female. At the courthouse in Corydon, in Indiana, there seemed to be an overabundance of humorless, grumpy old people. Just an observation. I have yet to meet an overtly hateful person here, and those of you who know me will know that that is a sweet surprise.

There are several things I love about living in Montgomery City: twice weekly trash and yard waste pickup and monthly recycling pickup for $14 a month, a city-wide yard sale this upcoming Saturday, the close by grocery and library, and people that obey the 25 mph speed limit.

One thing that has pissed me off is my soon-to-be-ex-local-insurance agent. We have done business with --- I won't say the name, but it rhymes with Snake Harm --- for over 20 years. Apparently there are roof issues with this house, although nothing urgent according to our house inspector and the loan officer's inspector. Sweetie had a conversation with our insurance agent a few weeks ago, and we both understood that we had a year to replace the roof. Yesterday the letter came saying that Snake Harm was dropping our home-owner's insurance as of May 4. WTF? What what what??? This guy has pissed me off from the git-go by not returning my phone calls and email, but I was sort of made to go with him for the loan. I may have mentioned that he is also the mayor of our fair town. Guess who won't get a vote from me whenever election time comes around? The weasel that sent a letter instead of making a phone call. 

The upshot is I will visit another insurance agent tomorrow and will transfer this house and four vehicles to another company. In the meantime, the two houses in Indiana will remain with Snake Harm out of convenience.

But it's okay.

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Knitting Linguist said...

It sounds like things are generally going well (barring the insurance thing - I must admit that I generally dislike dealing with insurance agencies; I never feel like I can trust them to keep doing a good job for long, because they invariably do something like what you're describing) - I love hearing that things are so convenient and people are so nice! What a great way to start off life in a new town.