Monday, March 28, 2011

Good for 100,000 miles.


Came back from another trip to The Old Home Place to find it snowing like crazypants here in Missouri. It all melted yesterday, and the roads were never covered, but still, you know, Cut it Out!

Going to Indiana was a trip. (ha ha) There were wind gusts to do a Republican proud, and Sweetie did a swell job to keep us on the road, although it was down right scary at times. Then, as if that weren't fun enough, the fanbelt on the Big Ass Van shredded just as we exited the free way for the 25 minute, back roads drive home. My mantra always is that it could have been worse. It could have happened in the wilderness of Southern Illinois. It could have been hailing. Or snowing. Or thunderstorming. But the van got us to Corydon and just beyond, and we have friends that actually answer their phone after 10 pm, so we made it to the house Wednesday night. Sweetie fixed the van the next day; just bless his heart. What can I say? We brought his motorcycle back with us, but of course it was snowing….

I have updated my website, since I unwittingly paid for another year of hosting. Welcome to the new world of Chez Fuzzarelly! I also plan to attend the Fiber Event in Greencastle April 15-16, as I have this overwhelming need to adopt and hold a fuzzy little bunny creature. Just one. Really. Also? My friend at Blue Acorn won't be there because she got into the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Lynne has worked so hard to build up her business and I am so glad she got this break!


HelenaHandbag said...

Well, I will see you there on Friday! Is Hippie Art Chick comin'? I'll have to check in with her and see.

zippiknits said...

Have fun at the fiber festival. And, having been through some trips from hell, I am soooo glad that you didn't have even more troubles than that fanbelt self destructing. Gawd! Hope you get just one little bunny to hug and to love.

I'll go look at your website. I've never had the guts to build one on the domaines that I camp out on. Kudos to you! Grats to your friend on getting into the MS&W festival.