Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cherry Flavored!

Drove back to Indiana this past Wednesday. It had been several weeks since the last visit, and the grass was more than ankle deep. Good Neighbor Nancy has not been well, and unable to keep up with the mowing. Sweetie spent several hours whipping it into some sort of shape, while I huddled indoors with the air conditioning. Lots and lots of pollen in the air, along with the usual Ohio River humidity. 

A couple of people took the opportunity to complain about the grass and weeds behind and beside our barn, saying it was a visibility hazard. I wanted to thank them for helping us out with our yard, since we have mowed many parts of the town for many years that wouldn't have been mown save for us, and that we didn't do it for money or glory, only to make the town look better. So, fuck you, Laconia. Not to even mention the flower planters at the 4-way that I maintained for several years, and the festival that I started and ran, pro bono, for about 7 years. Fuck you and fuck you.

I did take the opportunity to visit both the Salvation Army Thrift Store and the Goodwill in Corydon, with an aim to find something different for my booth at Gypsy Gathering. And I did. My glorious finds are still in the van, but when I bring them in, I will take photos of some of the treasure.

This next weekend will be Sweetie's last long weekend before he starts the 5 day workweek at the new job, and he wants to go back to Indiana and do what he can, this one last time. It costs $200 to drive there and back in the van, and so I would just as soon not. We'll see.

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zippiknits said...

If you do go back that one last time, you can shake the dust off your sandals, so to speak, and be at peace.

Be at Peace, because you did what you know in your heart was the right way to be a good neighbor and citizen for that little town. That can never be taken away from you. Stand tall, you and Sweetie.

I hope Gypsy Gatherings stays as much fun and as profitable for you as it's started out to be, and that Sweetie's new job goes well.