Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Everybody's Talking at Me

So, in spite of Netflix abruptly doubling their price for the streaming/one-dvd-at-a-time package, I did not cancel my subscription. The increase was done poorly and with little notice, but it is still cheaper than cable or satellite.

I watched The Conversation, with Gene Hackman, last month. Twice, actually. Tonight was Midnight Cowboy with Jon Voigt and Dustin Hoffman. With a small part by Susan Vacarro. Both movies are almost like documentaries, one of San Francisco in the mid-70s, and the other of New York City in the late 1960s. Both movies are great on their own merits, as well. Joh Voigt was also great in The Odessa File. Where is he today, I wonder? Did you know that he is Angelina Jolie's father???

I had read Midnight Cowboy back in about 1971, as a 14 year old. I was reading anything and everything I could lay my little paws on back then. This was my first viewing of the film. 

Watched Trainspotting last week, and enjoyed that one immensely. I don't understand certain reviews saying it was promoting the joys of heroin addiction. In my eyes, it was a damnation of the vice. Oh sure, the high is unbeatable, but the price paid is always too dear.

And now, after all the previous episodes of 30 Rock and Scrubs, Sweetie and I are watching the X files in order. Way too much fun. 

Knitting continues, slowly; on the last ten rounds. Temperatures today were 104ยบ, before the heat index. I have a feeling that once it hits the low 50s, either day or night, I will finish the shawl tout de suite. 


zippiknits said...

Well, now, I'll have to watch Trainspotting then. I've been wondering about it, as it floated around my queue. You are still getting temps of 104? Wowzer!

Knitting Linguist said...

X-Files - love it. We watched our way, in order, through the first couple of season (again, as I watched it when it was first on TV) when I had my back surgery a few years ago - it certainly helped distract me!