Monday, August 29, 2011

Salt over the Left Shoulder

We haven't had any more problems with the little gremlins here in Montgomery City, after my shout of "Get the fuck out of here! This is our home now." Except for the one time that I heard what sounded like a refrigerator falling over upstairs. It could have been a sonic boom, as there is an AF base not too distant from here. 

The Indiana domicile is another matter altogether. I spent almost 17 years there, if my math is correct, with many days and evenings alone. No funny stuff, not ever.

Not once. Nothing. Nada.

But now that we have left the place empty for several months, well…

Week before last, when I was there, I heard bumps and things tipping over in the night, as if a herd of squirrels or rats were exploring, but there was no spoor evidence to confirm this. Princess and Trixie were with us, too, and so could have caused some disturbance. 

Then Sweetie went there alone this past weekend, no dog and no rabbit, and the poultrygeists were even more noisy. Wtf? Am I gonna have to burn white sage and cast out these "spirits"? It's very weird for me to have this happen. What is the logical, Spock-like answer? 

Or should I use this as a selling point? Haunted House for Sale!

The more interesting thing is this: The apartments next door, which were at one time a general store and later, a christian school, are also plagued by noises, bumps in the night, bumps in the daytime, and so on. The last renters fled after two months, saying they were tired of living in a haunted house. 

Have these unhappy spirits filtered down the hill to our house? Do I even believe any of this? 

I am still of a mind that there are quantum mechanics at the root of this all. 

But I also wonder if it wasn't me keeping the house "clear" all those years?

Please tell me if any of you all have ever had unwanted visitors, so to speak.


zippiknits said...

That is flat out creepy!

I'd get out the sage bundles and start smoking out the house. And it can't help to say that it may have a "resident ghost or two" on the flyers. hehe


It IS creepy. Not scary, yet, but I don't like things I can't explain rationally.