Thursday, August 04, 2011



I made a profit from my booth at Gypsy Gatherings for the month of July. Yay me! I have begun working there every Monday in exchange for half-off the rent from now on. (Like the work is onerous. Ha. More like hanging out for six hours and greeting people as they come in.)

I am totally loving everyone there! Plus, I am in my studio almost every day making one thing after another. The new thing has been the continuation of my Sock Monster series, which began when I had my bricks and mortar store in Corydon, IN. The first was Abner, and then Brenda came along. I sold them both. Thanks, Judy! Then the store closed, yadda yadda. The latest are Charlene, a green hemp sock, and Doug (Beware of Doug!) who was one of my hand knit socks with holes. 
I am Charlene, and I am shy.
These babies give me an inordinate amount of joy in the making, and then there's the  fondling. 

Sweetie's job, which he was told would last through December, suddenly became precarious once "Corporate" saw the labor costs of keeping the plant running. Today, he took a job at Metso, some concrete type of place, about 25 miles from here. The pay is $1 more and hour, but that will be eaten up in gas. Even his current supervisor advised him to take the position. (Sweetie had earlier interviewed with them, then declined to take the job. They called him back two months later and here we are.)

Hope springs eternal that some company will buy the Tyson's facility. If so, Sweetie has been told he will be rehired. But that is just too uncertain for us. For anyone. Sigh.

And the heat. Awful. Yesterday was the worst, being 104º with a heat index of 120º. I felt ill Monday, and actually had a fever of 2 degrees above my normal. Seems like several people were also having flu-like symptoms that day. I am grateful to not have the summer flu, as I felt better the next day. We have forecast lows in the 60s in a few days, and I even opened a window tonight in the computer room. 

I'm really worried about the economy, and the house and senate are not playing nice or rational. No rant, or soapbox. But I am worried.


Knitting Linguist said...

I worry, too. But your lovely sock creature makes me smile, so that's all good. And I'm glad to hear that Sweetie has found something more sure, even though it means the unsettledness of a new job.

zippiknits said...

The sock person is adorably cute, and it's green, too! Yay!

Sorry about the stamina sucking heat and it's blasted index. Bleh.

The economy was bad in the first place, and I don't know how the Greatest of Jugglers has kept it up this long, so there is still some HOPE in this equation. Stay tuned. Big Hugs!

k said...

Edwina will be next?
I don't think I'll ever be able to work a regular job again, which is why I went back to school. Nobody expects art students to work, do they?