Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Serve Fresh

It rained a bit today. Not nearly enough, but still. And it was cooler. Cool enough to turn off the AC and open doors and windows. What a delight! I even wore long pants. Lows may be in the upper 50s tonight. I am loving it. Sweetie is, of course, digging out his sweat pants and shirts and heavy blankets.

Gypsy Gatherings is going great guns. Received my first check and am happy. I love my space, which is small, but painted white and with white curtains - it looks rather like an art gallery. I have sold the damnedest things there! I am spending time in my studio here at home, and am feeling great about my future there. 

We had hoped to drive to Indiana today, but Sweetie's new job intervened with requests for physicals and the ol' "pee in a cup." I am struggling not to stress about this whole process, and leave things up to him. I am here to help with emailing, forms to be filled out, and such like, but otherwise, I am letting him deal. 

Sad news. LaVerne the bunny, aka Gertrude, died yesterday. She was listless maybe a week ago, although still eating and drinking, and then suddenly nose dived. I have no idea what ailed her. As we know, though, sometimes bunnies. just. die. Trixie, on the other hand, is well and thriving and mischievous as ever. The little shit. (And I love her so much!)

Oh, and the knitting. I am on the last 20 rows on the hand-spun mohair shawl. It has been hard to knit in this horribly hot weather, even with the ac and a fan blowing on me, but I have been managing a row or two every week. And? I have taught the Head Gypsy's 10-year-old daughter how to crochet - to make a chain stitch - and she is frothing at the bit to learn more. Heh heh! Another one brought to the Fiber Side!


zippiknits said...

Sorry to hear about Gertrude's passing. And yes, bunny's just die sometimes for no apparent reason.

Yay for you! A wonderful new bright shiny corner in a thriving shop, and you've brought a new fiber "sprout" to the fold.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Love,

I know it's been a while.

Love the hollyhocks on your banner.

Glad things are going good for you. (With the exception of the bunny news. Sorry about that.)

And it is always good to learn about another fiber convert.

Hugs, Euphoria