Saturday, August 27, 2011

White Elephant Sale

Finally, a shot of one wall of my booth at Gypsy Gatherings. The little white elephant planter on the top shelf sold the day after I placed it. The pickings are rather sparse, but I like the white walls and uncluttered look.

I have excavated my Animaniac toys from the Happy Meals back in 1994, along with a Slappy Squirrel and Dot toothbrushes and a little Marvin the Martian. They are slowly being added to the room, even though collectibles are not so much in the sellers' favor anymore as more folks are selling than buying. But still, aprons and animal feed shopping bags are being snatched up almost as fast as I make them.

Knitting classes are being demanded, too, once the weather cools. It has been in the 90ยบ all week despite the forecasts for more pleasant weather.

This is the view from the front door of Gypsy Gatherings. Joyful clutter!


zippiknits said...

Is that a yellow glass rabbit? did you sell it? *bites nails*

Please tell me it's available for shipping.


It is a golden, plastic rabbit, that lights up. If you are interested, I can ship it to you. If you want better pictures, I can oblige. Can't remember what the price is, off hand.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, it looks like a wonderful place! Add some knitting lessons in, and it'll be heaven :)