Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Moisten thoroughly in mouth.

It gets dark around 4:30 here; too dark for me to drive even. The solstice though? She is on the way.

In spite of having less than 10 hours of sunlight a day, I am feeling remarkably well. What's up with that? Daily dosing with omega-3 fish oil and vitamin D is what I am thinking. I also take a vitamin B complex pill. The upshot is that I have some energy, and am not curled into a ball waiting to die. Maybe the therapy is helping, too. I've finished painting the kitchen, and begun some Goddess work in the office area. I even bought new towels today for the first time in... let me see..... forever! Or at least many many years.

Good beer can't hurt, either.

Have made appointments to get my teeth cleaned and my eyes examined in the next few weeks. Sweetie's insurance allows one free trip a year to both and I am going to take advantage of it, especially they are both within few blocks of home.

Oh, and my Sweetie? Bought me this the other day. Look closely at the head and feet. Makes me miss my girls.


zippiknits said...

Lol, little comb warmers and booties. too cute!

I know you miss your girls. I love Chickens,too, and was thinking "eggs" but there was that article on meaty breeds. That was in another life. Never again could I do that. lol

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going so well as we swing toward the solstice! And I love your Sweetie's gift :)