Friday, December 16, 2011

My Sad Little Homage to Xmas

Hi Ho chitlin's! Hope that you all are doing well. Since I don't "do" christmas, I am the least stressed person I know right now, save for Sweetie. Although? I did buy him a present that I will know he will like.

Also bought two books: Dr. Weill's Spontaneously Happy and another one whose name escapes me at the moment. Her book is UFO: Pilots, Generals (etc.)

I know Sweetie will love them both. 

The Pink Section
I have made a bit o' cash at the little cottage this past week! That makes me happy. Business is starting to pick up at both buildings lately. I have the cottage while Leslie manages the much larger antique and collectible building. I can hardly believe that I have the equivalent of my old Arts & Artisans shop again! Without much of the overhead which had dealt the death blow to my shop in Indiana. Artists and craftspeople are finding their way to me, just like before. This place is gonna rock!

This time last year was pure turmoil. Job uncertainty, housing uncertainty, loneliness, and a lot of bad ass winter weather. Now, I am so happy with this house and this town, and I am delighted to have found friends, and Sweetie has a better job with better pay and better insurance. 

Me happy.


zippiknits said...

After all that you've gone through, to have some happiness in your heart and being able to sell your own and other local artists' work sounds like a pretty nice mental life for you. Good! You are due!

Knitting Linguist said...

Hooray! I love hearing this - you definitely worked hard to get to this good place, and now here you are! :)