Monday, January 16, 2012

Eyes Right

Wow. Just so much going on; for me at least.

A visit with my primary care provider today, who is a woman that I like very much. Blood tests for cholesterol, and got more meds for my slightly elevated blood pressure. I have gained 20 pounds since April of last year. Three in the last month. Less than I feared, but still. That's five bags of sugar.

Therapy on Wednesday and the allergy/asthma/immunologist on Monday next. Yes, I know, I don't have cancer or any severe disease, but all of these doctor-type appointments are very tiring. 

My girlfriend in Indiana is dealing with the life threatening problems of her husband. He is back in the hospital; the fourth time since his heart attack. He won't quit smoking or drinking, and he won't clean his incision which got infected, which is why he is back for another hospital stay. She is at wit's end. I worry for her, damn it. He is a grown ass man, after all, who seemingly does not want to live past age 58. 

Yet here I am, drinking when I know I should not. Birds of a feather, and suicide bent on a slow track. 

I have hopes that this year I will make and stick with some decisions. But like St. Augustine, dear dog, make me pure but not yet.

Eyes Left


zippiknits said...

Live for Sweety, and for dear little Corky who is blossoming under your care.

That doesn't include all the other dogs and cats and birds you will have and love and help through their iffy little existences. It's a good thing to give them a chance and a home, you sweet, sweet woman.

Good luck with the tests.

Knitting Linguist said...

Ah, yes - I recognize that sentiment! But it's worth thinking of all the reasons to lean towards the healthy choices, at least most of the time...