Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Steve McQueen

  • So. Shall I do bullet points? I believe it is my best option right now. 
  • Thank you all for your kind regards about my diabetes. Y'all be sweet!
  • The change in diet and the additional meds for the diabetes and the cholesterol and the high blood pressure have been a Total Monster eating at my brain. 
  • However, it seems to be working. My blood glucose is mostly below 200 already.
  • Thank goodness for Wednesdays, which is the day I go to Columbia for therapy and allergy shots. There is also a spiffy Goodwill, and I have found the grocery store of my dreams.
  • HyVee is an employee-owned store with a produce section that is bigger than many markets. The employees are polite and ones food is placed in ones cart, unlike certain other stores. Ahem. 
  • There is an incredible amount of organic food, as well as bulk buying for things from red jasmine rice to hummus mix. Then there is the bakery, the seafood, and meat departments.
  • I spent as much there today as I often do at my local grocery store, especially when I am out of almost everything - and I feel that I got so much more value for my bucks.
  • Columbia is not a great huge town; but it the home of Missouri University, aka Mizzou, so it is geared toward a younger, hipper crowd. 
  • There is also a vintage JoAnn's shop, not far from any of my destinations, and that also makes me happy. 
  • Almost lastly, I have been in my sewing studio for the last few days making hippie clothes, and that has made me happier still. Not making the same stupid feed sack bag over and over.
  • I have decided to get a tax # and a business license for my little cottage. 
  • It will be called Purple Squirrel.
  • I thought it would be an unusual name, to draw in the younger, hip crowd as they travel betwixt St. Louis and points west.
  • According to the Urban Dictionary, it is an actual phrase, and not dirty or derogatory. 
  • Purple Squirrel
  • Actually lastly, I have decided to cut my hair very short and let the grey grow out. I am tired of fooling with it. I would, however, love to find a quality wig ala the B52s. In several colors.
  • Time to get my freak on.

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Anonymous said...

Yee Ha!!! Good on ya, and I'm glad to hear all of it. I actually went OUT tonight myself; we progress. I even met an interesting new man who asked for my phone number. Life could be worse.
Nancy NeverSwept