Friday, January 27, 2012

Invest Wisely

I am remarkably calm in spite of all that has gone down lately. I knew for much of last year that there was something not at all right about my health. I mean, my clothes just kept getting tighter and tighter, and my closet choices were getting grim. So when Sweetie got a new job with better health coverage, I used it.

I didn't tell anyone, except my therapist, what my goals were for 2012. I wanted to lose weight, to halve my drinking, and to get more physically fit. I had no plan to make this happen, but by making appointments with the allergist/asthma doctor and with my primary care giver, and submitting to all sorts of pokes and sticks and prods, I knew that we'd find some answer as to what was the cause. Maybe I was allergic to brewer's yeast and needed to quit drinking? I didn't know. (That was sort of my hope!)

My family nurse practitioner Judi and I were blindsided when my blood glucose level was 232 last week. It had been 107 back in March; a little elevated but not problematic. Well, what evs. My hand was forced in a way not expected. 

My goal is to lose 50 pounds in the next year, (a pound a week is not unreasonable!,) to not drink so much, and to be more physically active. I am grateful that the things that are wrong with me are treatable. I am grateful, that unlike some friends of mine, I have not needed hip or knee replacement (yet), nor have I had breast or colon cancer. What I have wrong is pretty damn mild. 


zippiknits said...

Thank God, the Universe, whatever got you there, you've made a discovery that will, when treated, make you feel better than you've felt for a long time. Good for you!

HelenaHandbag said...

So proud of you, SP!

Knitting Linguist said...

Yes, I remind myself of this same thing, fairly often these days, in fact. I'm glad you're following up on your health and taking the steps you need to feel better!

Helen said...

I understand so well where you're coming from; it could have been worse, but damn! The good thing is that once you start to get on top of it you will feel better than you have for a while and a lot of it is within your control. I hope you get on top of it and that you're starting to feel better already. Hugs.