Friday, May 11, 2012

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Spring is here, and some days are almost July-like. I have been staying inside much of the time with the air conditioning on. Doctor's orders, along with no mowing at all. I had a bad asthma attack the last time I tried mowing, the worst in years, actually.

My recent blood work delighted me and my primary care giver! Cholesterol and blood pressure both are within normal ranges and my blood glucose is only slightly high. That med has been increased, but my new diet has done much of the work. I am eating better and I am feeling better, physically, and even mentally. A lot of stressful paperwork is behind me, too, and that makes me happier.

I have even been knitting a tiny bit. I have several skeins of lace weight yarn, and I am feeling the urge to just put away those never-ending socks and start on a shawl. Something complex, but not too. Maybe I will go through my files or check in on Ravelry to see what is out there. Again.

Sweetie and I plan to see Dark Shadows Sunday. That will be a pleasure, indeed!

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k said...

How was the movie? Having been a Dark Shadows addict when I was too young to understand it, I don't think I want to see it.