Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do you need a vacation?

Boo Boo is in time out. Behind bars even!

Sunday, Sweetie and I herded all of the electrical wires to safety, and allowed Bunny Boo free run of the office. Until she discovered an old plug and wire last night. Not knowing if it was hot or not, I put a box in front of it, but she nudged the box out of the way. I ran her off numerous times, but she waited until I went to the kitchen, moved the box and began gnawing. She did it two more times and received time out two more times - until I put Tabasco Sauce on the wire and adjacent floor. (Should have done that first thing. Le sigh.) 

Then she found the old plumbing tube for an ice making refrigerator, behind our non-ice making fridge. Tug tug tug, chew chew chew. Time out for the rest of the night.

Today, she discovered the mystery of the cat door, which goes to the garage. Sweetie got her back inside and into her cage; she bit him twice she was so mad!

That wrascally wrabbit  is smart and fearless. 


k said...

I think your rabbit is related to my cat.

zippiknits said...

She trying to keep her teeth in trim? We gave our bunnies a piece of fruit wood inside their cages- apple and citrus is best- but where in heck would you guys get anything like that in the Midwest and the dead of winter?