Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gator Got Your Grannie

I have never made poke sallet before, but I ate it once when my Aunt (pronounced ain't) Bobbie cooked up some when I was young. She made sure to tell us how poisonous it was, but she had prepared it correctly and then fried it with egg so it was safe to eat.

I did my due diligence, and studied several Youtube videos then whacked off the top 8" of my several poke berry plants stripped off the leaves then stripped the veins from the leaves. Two soaks in salt water, then boiled down on the stove top. Last step is to fry with butter in a hot skillet. I've done all but the last step, but will do so tonight, and if I survive, I will post again.

The liquid that the boiling produced was very yellow, and so I thought, let's just see. Will it produce dye? I drained off 4 cups and put in some wool roving.

The addition of alum made the dye bath opaque. I let it cook for an hour and then let it cool.

This morning, the wool was pale yellow and wash fast.


k said...

I didn't know that was how you spelled it. Are you alive?


I lived because I didn't eat it. Never got around to frying it and today it goes in the compost. I might try again next year.