Monday, May 25, 2015

Some restrictions may apply.

Not much to say; it's a very quiet day here. Sweetie is off from work, and I am inside hiding from the outdoors. I have 6 tomato plants to stick in the ground and after yesterday's +2" of rain, that shouldn't be too hard.

I made flowers last night, using a resist and a technique I found on the innertubes. The gold one shows the double layer of petals best, but the purple ones are more attractive. I am, of course, thinking of how else I can use this idea for something more interesting. Not that flowers aren't.

And I am ever so slowly working on a pair of socks from some of the hand dyed yarn that didn't sell last fall at the Holiday Exhibition and Sale that CWSG stages every November. It is sport weight, not sock weight, so I am using size 2s with 60 stitches. Uncharacteristically, I am making one sock at a time.

That is my project bag it is laying on, an early felt foray.

Oh, I did make up the kits for my flower felting class that I will be giving shortly, at our local Art Center. I think this is something I could take and teach elsewhere, maybe the Art House in Fulton, or somewhere in Columbia. I only made up six kits, but it is amazing how six of any one thing adds up; 60 pin backs, 6 ounces of dyed wool, 12 pieces of bubble wrap, 18 pages of instruction.

Now I need to dye more wool, and I may even need to buy more merino this summer as that big box I bought when I was still doing Bunny and the Beast blends is half empty. I also am completely out of yellow dye. I have no idea how that happened. Dharma has what looks to be good wool for a good price, so I will get a couple pounds of that and 8 oz. of yellow dye.

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