Monday, June 22, 2015

Beat well.

Over 3" of rain today. Crazy rain. Flood rain and crop-ruination rain. We have had right at seven inches of rain this past week. And now it's going to get hot, too, so that will be lovely indoor weather.

The reviews of the new movie about Brian Wilson are all good and part of me would like to see it, but I don't think I ever will. It's too bittersweet; too sad and too deep into the pain of abuse and too deep into the joy of creation. No, I don't need that sadness or those visions of abuse running around in my head. I can't and don't watch anything to do with whales or elephants - it upsets me too much. I have to be so careful and vigilant and guard against seeing the pain. Certain books I cannot read, so it isn't just visual things that cause me anxiety and distress.

On a brighter note, Sweetie and I saw Mad Max: Fury Road(?) this afternoon and it was fabulous. So much better than I was expecting with great effects and a good story and of course, action. I'm not a movie reviewer, but let me say that I have seen a lot of movies far worse than this one. Fake movie violence doesn't bother me usually but I have to know that the dog, or whatever, lives or I won't watch it.

Because of tinnitus, I sleep with the radio on. And because I need to hush all the sadness in my head, I listen to stand up comedy all night. Makes me happy.

This is a decorative bowl, you might say. It was an idea I've been studying on, and it didn't quite turn out like I'd planned, so I added some machine stitching which made it moderately less sucky. I rather like the back better.

Seems like I am all over the place with my felting. I feel like there is so much to learn and try to do and I have no sense of remove from my work to know if it is any good. This might be one of those pieces I put aside for awhile and come back to later.

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