Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sign me up.

So. I have decided not to pursue selling at that show in November. I will participate in my guild's sale that month. I will not pursue becoming a juried member of Best of Missouri Hands right now. I will continue to work at this craft of felting, though.

I think my anxiety level was rising to near panic stage. I have done the guild show once, so I feel a great deal more comfortable about doing it again. I don't have to decide to do anything else now, and that is a relief.

I am just not happy about the quality of my work. I don't want any inferior quality goods amongst my wares. I want time to just create and learn and enjoy without the stress of wondering if this thing will sell. I gave away 5 pins and a keyring today to everyone at my vet's office. That made me happy. These were among my early work, and I have improved. They weren't crap, though.

I did some work on the brown purse. I like the way I did the handle, and I think the rose looks so much nicer. The bag now looks 'smart.'

I like the rose, and made it by accident. I had wanted to make a little vase for a votive candle, but during the felting the cup-shape became smooched into a lovely little flower. I immediately made 3 more, tweaking each one.

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