Thursday, June 11, 2015

Use the blue envelope.

So. I actually feel Good today! Rested and with energy to make something.

K asked in a comment on my previous post what specifically I would have done differently in the Felted Flower class on Monday.

1.)   I would have had them open their kits! Not one person opened the enclosed instructions, which I toiled over and had photos and everything. Polite mid-westerners, didn't want to make a mess. (Where is your curiosity, people?) I would have them go over the written instructions with me.

B.)  I would have had them empty out their little bags of differently colored wool. I would have them examine the embellishments and pin backs that I so thoughtfully included.

III.) I would have told them to use more layers of wool and less water. I would have made sure everyone was rolling their little package long enough and hard enough.

%.) I would have been louder, making sure that instructions were heard.

Now that I am rested and can look back, I can't beat myself up about it. That night and the next morning, my old friends Self-Doubt and Insecurity had me in their grip. I feel okay now about teaching this class again even though it is harder work than one might imagine - mentally and physically.

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