Friday, June 12, 2015

Your 1-Stop Resource.

I felted another purse yesterday. It's a straightforward bag with a little yarn embellishment. The flower really adds a finished look. I really should be making three of four large pieces, (hats and purses,) every week if I ever hope to stockpile any sort of inventory.

The reason I would need an inventory is that I do plan to offer these things for sale first, at the guild Holiday Sale and maybe at a thing called the Artists' Boutique. Have I mentioned these things before? There are a plethora, a virtual corn-u-copia of art fairs in Missouri.

Again with the questions - Do I want to do this? Do I want to work this hard? Can I stick with it? Can I make enough money to make it worthwhile? Can I embrace the profit-motive lifestyle? Can I do this on my own? (I know Sweetie will help as much as he can, but he is tied to his job that sometimes takes all his time.)

I have established that I need to create a booth, and I am erratically working on that. I have three 2' x 6' white wire grids, and I have a large folding table. I actually have another, smaller, folding table come to think of it. So, I will need more grids and some hardware for them; bits that allow one to hang garments, hats, or purses. I need to spend some more time on packaging, to acquire some sort of cohesiveness. And some signage.

Also need to take some, or have someone else take, photos. I need this to apply for a booth(s) and to apply for a Best of Missouri Hands status. I think I can demonstrate more than mere competence in my chosen field. Which adds cachet, if nothing else. Look, this group thinks I am worthy! (I just visited their website and the page I need for more info Can't be Found. Drat. I hate that. However, I know The Person to contact. And I will.)

I'm all about that Stream of Consciousness. Enough! Here are pictures.

One of Bunny Boo-Boo's offspring, chilling next door.

The purse I made yesterday. It's about 10"x10"

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