Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Important Information Enclosed

Didn't mean to be away from here so long. I am really enjoying writing again, and I like how I have to focus on what I want to say.  Of course, there are things I will never say here, for example, where the body is buried.

So. I have spent way too much time learning bead weaving and too much time working on it. I chose the most elaborate design the instructor had, because everything else was boring and uninteresting. It was wider than the other students' and used more colors of beads (20.) And I changed all the colors because the original called for black and gold and cream and steam punky. And I hope I am never tempted to do this again. Ever.

Last class, of three, is Friday night where we will cut the piece off the loom, sew it to leather, (thereby hiding all the loose ends,) and attach the bracelet hardware. What was I thinking? I never wear bracelets.

I have 20 some-odd pounds of merino waiting for my attention. I am ready to get my hands all wet and soapy again. Oh, I did write a proposal for a felted bag class this November, and I know that Hillcreek Yarns would like me to teach a class. I want to write up a proposal for those little dragon eye pins, too. 

I feel as though all this time spent on this stupid bead thing was a waste. But I worked at the kitchen table and watched at least 20 hours of documentaries on quantum physics, mathematics, the Big Bang, and one on the Battle of the Bulge, just to lighten things up a bit. I haven't felt well physically, either. And here it is, fucking raining again. 

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