Monday, July 13, 2015

This mailbox is full.

The hateful beaded bracelet is done and riddled with mistakes and badly finished. I may just put it in a drawer somewhere and forget about it.

Which means that I am able to felt again. And work on felting related things such as workshop proposals for my dragon eye pins and my little purses. I have submitted both to the Ozark Fiber Fling, which is in November. I had to make several dragon eyes in order to write up directions. It's funny how quickly I forget the little nuances, like adding silk, or how thick to make them. It took me until my third one before I was happy. Next is writing the instructions for the purse. It had been a little while since I made one, but the purse is pretty straightforward and I am very pleased with the one I made yesterday. I have the component parts - it just needs assembling. The instructions shouldn't be too hard.
I love that happy flower.

Today, I am off to Columbia for my cardiologist appointment. It's just a routine check up; my heart has been behaving quite well lately. 

I also have installed a number of my art quilts at our local Art Center gallery, (it's a Retrospective,) where they will hang until August. It makes me so happy to see them up again! Also? People around here had no idea that I had made anything like this, because I don't go around talking about it or bragging about it. It feels really nice to hear compliments, because, you know, I am human. I don't know exactly, but I think I have about 18 pieces on display, along with some of the felt purses and pins I've done recently.

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k said...

So, the whole secret to beaded bracelets is to bury the mistakes. Okay.
I am impressed that you tried something so incredibly intense. You might not like this particular thing, but I'm sure you'll use the technique someday. Just like I will.

I didn't know you had enough stuff to do a retrospective. That sounds almost grown up. The quilts look wonderful, and I'm proud to "know" you, as little as I do.