Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here are some lovely lace patterns to buy. I especially like the Dragone.

You know, I do work - every so often, that is. Lately I have been cranking out fiber sausages like these.

I'm really digging the saturated jewel colors! This blend is equal parts merino, alpaca, angora and silk. Delicious. At the end of the month, I'll be sending 300 little packages of Fuzzarelly Fibers for the goodie bags at SOAR (Spin-Off's Autumn Retreat.) Hopes are that some sales will be generated - just not too many! I don't want to work all that hard.

The weather has turned comfortable. It was 50 degrees this morning and all the bunnies are feeling fine. The four little outside babies have grown. They also dug out of the back yard enclosure and are now true yard rats. Well, I kept them safe during their most vulnerable months and I still put out pellets and water for them. It's amusing to watch them ass around - chasing, eating, playing and humping. Pretend humping so far. Once in awhile, Millie Cat stalks them or Buster lopes around but the bunnies ignore them both.

Today I am a gui-tard. Ha Ha! Lessons are going well except for my total lack of practice. In school, I never practiced the clarinet or the oboe and was good enough to get As. I want to do well but without any effort - like the total slacker I am. However, I do get my money's worth because even if I am a slow learner, it gets me out of the house every week for something not grocery related.

Right now, my crazy is here. The hermit/anxious/phobic sort of crazy. The sun, all of a sudden, seems to plummet to the western horizon every evening. That's the precursor to my fall/winter depression. Which probably explains the crazy anxious. feeling.

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