Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I flat out hate going to court. I hate even going to the so-called justice center where court is held. The place, the building, is so full of pain and bad energy that I always feel awful and edgy when I'm there. Which isn't often.

I had to be there today, in small claims court, for eviction proceedings of our tenant. He hasn't paid rent since July. That is bad enough, but he also Will. Not. Leave. It took a full month from filing the papers to get our day in court, and the judge gave him two weekends to vacate, with another hearing scheduled afterward for damages. Sigh. Our renter is a nice guy (with issues) and we're nice people, but damn it man! GO! Leave!

I also hate how Halloween is celebrated anymore. I love the day, mind you, but I hate that it has become just another Hallmark/WalMart holiday. At my first real job at the costume company in Atlanta, 1976, adults were just getting into the swing of things as far as costumes and parties were concerned. Atlanta Costume was a mob scene for the entire month of October and I learned to detest the day.

After I quit that job (for the third and final time,) I eventually warmed up to the day again. I dressed up and went to parties. My Sexy Snake costume is still one that I am proud of. It consisted of a snakeskin print tailcoat worn over a black leotard, with top hat and a matching top-hatted snake. High heels were also involved. Also, long brown hair. I did not get custody of the photographs after the divorce.

Sweetie and I really got into the spirit when we moved here. Usually around three on the afternoon of the 31st, we would get motivated to decorate. Grave markers, headless and armless torsos, cleaver wielding dummies (operated by rope from the roof). You know, the usual, and all hand made or hand ornamented. Our place was The House to visit. Parents brought the kids and the video cameras.

Then, later, Sweetie couldn't get off from work so I carried on for awhile until my energy was used up.

Anymore, though, folks start decorating in SEPTEMBER for crying out loud. And it's all store bought from WalMart (You're place for cheap plastic crap.) Sweetie practically forced me to buy candy today. I was all ready to hide in the back of the house with all lights out tonight.

The day is no longer special. Oh, and Little Brother said that in his Ohio village, their Halloween was officially held last week! How sad is that? Makes me want to paint my body blue and dance around a huge bon fire.

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when the bonfire is to happen, and I'll join you. My last good Halloween was probably in 1968, so I think I'm due for one. On the plus side, we don't see many trick-or-treaters, crappy bought costumed or otherwise; but then, you've seen my driveway! Only the truly looney would try it for the whisper of a chance at swag.
Nancy Neverswept