Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Please Memorize Your PIN

We have more of the Bunny Cuteness! Here they are, all seven babies and Sheila in the litter pan.

Then Sheila hopped away, leaving an orderly arc of fuzziness. (Would you pronounce that like bussiness?) And no, I did not place them by color - my bunnies have their own sense of order, thank you.

I am knitting a little bit every day on the shawl and have started another pair of socks. These will be use-up-all-those-little-bits socks, held together with a hard pink. By itself, it was not usable for me. I like pink - red pink and not a blue pink that looks so harsh. It is however, the perfect glue for this project of helix-spiral sockery.

And so what the fuck is that, you ask? It's using two or more colors simultaneously in a continuous spiral. (Think cromosones.) I cast on with a not pink and knit a couple of ribbing rows. Then I added in the pink directly across from where my main color was. I use four needles, so I knit two needles with one color and then two needles with the other color. None of that stripey-joggy thing. The pink stays the same, but the other color uses up the leftover bits. It is a tiny bit fiddley, but it is not hard.

The Sock Lady Spins makes these great Monster Socks with her leftovers using fair isle and they make mine look like a poor step-cousin. She lives in East of Nowhere, British Columbia in a fairly remote area. Check her out.


Mouse said...

hee hee.. color line up! Guess that answers my "are they litter trained" question!

Anonymous said...

Alternating bunnies is freaky cute. Oh what fun!

Remind me to wish you Happy Potato Chip Day on March 14th!

NN (as is nape not Nancy)

Anonymous said...

Pix! We wants pix of those odd socks! Seriously, I'm having a hard time getting a visual of them. Please?
Nancy NeverSwept


The Other Nancy -

Remember my helix striped sweater? Like that but with only 2 yarns.

Okay, I will try to get a photo or two.